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About Me

I’m a Brooklyn-based freelance cinematographer. I’ve been doing this for 12 years, shooting narrative films, commercials, fashion, music videos, branded content, and documentaries.

I believe that moving images can find beauty in the mundane moments in life we take for granted. Moving images are a tool to build empathy and give us new ways to see the world.

I love working with people, coming up with ideas together, thinking outside the box, and staying calm under pressure. 


I graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 2010 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film/Video Production.


"Rehab Cabin" (Narrative Feature, 2021, Director of Photography)

Portland International Film Festival 2021

Manhattan Film Festival 2021

Mill Valley Film Festival 2021

Bushwick Film Festival 2021

Austin Film Festival 2021

"Takeover" (Documentary Short, 2021, Additional Photography)

Tribeca Film Festival 2021

NYTimes Op-Doc 2021

New York Cinema Awards 2021

AFI Film Festival 2021

2022 Emmy for Outstanding Short Form Documentary Nominee

"Flat-Earther" (Narrative Short, 2020, Director of Photography)

Berlin Sci-Fi Film Festival 2019

Queens World Film Festival 2020 (Nominated for Best Cinematography)

Woods Hole Film Festival 2020

"Brando's Spoon" (Narrative Short, 2020, Director of Photography)

Manhattan Film Festival 2021

Nyack Film Festival 2021

Black Bear Film Festival 2021

Newark International Film Festival 2021

Indie Film Awards 2021 (Won Best Cinematography)

"The Picker" (Narrative short, 2019, Writer, Director, DP, Editor)

Brooklyn Film Festival 2019

"Everyone You Hate is Here" (Webseries pilot, 2018, Director of Photography)

Manhattan Film Festival, 2018

"Reunion" (Narrative Short, 2017, Director of Photography)

Greenwich Village Film Festival, 2018

Oasis Short Film Screening Series 2018

YoFi Fest 2017

"The Last Hundred Feet" (Narrative short, 2017, Writer, Director, DP, Editor)

Coney Island Film Festival 2017

"Tryst" (Narrative Feature, 2015, Director of Photography)

Manhattan Film Festival 2016

Williamsburg Film Festival 2016

First Glance Film Festival 2016

"This Ruthless Efficiency" (Narrative short, 2010, Writer, Director, DP, Editor)

LA Shorts Fest 2010"

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